FIFA 23 rolled out in November

FIFA 23 has now launched, with everyone losing their minds completely in the long run. If you’re a big player on Ultimate Team and want to increase the chances of assembling your long player, you’ll probably want to get some FUT free cards with Prime Gaming.

FIFA 23 offers another collaboration with Prime Gaming, which features free items awarded to Prime Gaming subscribers throughout the game’s life cycle. From today (17 October 2022) until September 2023, there will be a new package available “free of charge” to subscribers, even via the console.

Here’s every step you need to get the free Prime Gaming gold packages (and more) in FIFA 23.. FIFA 23 Prime game packages. – First, you must subscribe to Amazon Prime, which costs £7.99/$ 11.99 per month, or less generally if you buy.

Main Game Packages
– First, you must subscribe to Amazon Prime, which costs £7.99/$ 11.99 per month, or less generally if you buy an annual membership.
– Then go to the site and order the free package. You will then have to log into your Prime account as well as link your EA account, which you need to do anyway to be able to play FUT.
– After that, simply claim your loot from the page and it should be available to you the next time you play FIFA 23. Restart the game if you don’t get the free package right away.

If you don’t unlock packages, check well that the accounts you associate with are those you already use.

Here’s everything you get for the first month of Prime Gaming in FIFA 23:
– 7 × rare gold players
– Selection of × players with a minimum of 81 +
– 12x Rare consumables
– 1x Kylian Mbappe loan element (5 games)

These items are non-tradable, meaning you can’t sell them on the market. You can either use it, sell it quickly, free of charge, or use it for capacity building challenges. However, the Kylian Mbappe loan element can only be used in matches and nothing else.

FIFA 23 Prime Gaming’s next package will drop in November, just before the World Cup. Expect some private cards to coincide with this year’s biggest (and most controversial) ball event.