5 Football Stars Have Experienced Excess Weight

The Daily Star published a report highlighting 5 ball players, who have suffered in certain periods of excess weight:

Eden Hazard

The Real Madrid star explained that he earns some excess weight when on vacation and is absent from the ballparks, considering that the vacation calls him some freedom.
Hazard missed 3 games after 57 minutes against Shakhtar in Warsaw in the Champions League, then a quarter of an hour Tuesday in Germany, while he has not appeared in the league for a month and a half since the September 11 game against Mallorca.

Lok Shaw ​

The Manchester United player faced criticism from team fans for his slow movement inside the stadium due to his weight.
Shaw was removed from United’s starting XI for a period after a poor start to the season.


Willian appeared after signing for Arsenal a little chunky, but has looked in good form in terms of performance since returning to the English League.

Gonzalo Higuain

Higuain appeared with Juventus during a friendly against West Ham just days after moving from Napoli for €90 million, and was not fully fit, due to a clear overweight

Kasper Schmeichel

Schmeichel was concerned about the percentage of fat in his body after joining Ligue 1’s Nice Attia from Leicester.