From Harry Maguire to Onana… What is it like now that you are the laughing stock of Manchester United?!

There was a huge uproar surrounding Andre Onana’s transfer to Manchester United this summer, due to the reputation the Cameroonian had built with Inter, but the matter turned into a nightmare!

After Manchester United fans suffered for years with David de Gea’s comic mistakes, the Red Devils thought that the savior had come to end this farce and write a new page in the club’s history like the one written by Peter Schmeichel or Edwin van der Sar.

Unfortunately, it seems that Onana, who cost the club more than 50 million euros, is closer to De Gea than the Danish and Dutch duo, and may even be worse due to his disastrous start in Manchester on the European and local levels.

The 27-year-old conceded 10 times in only five matches in the English Premier League, and the same happened 4 times in one match against Bayern Munich in the Champions League, and the first goal came from a disastrous shot that has become a habit for the Cameroonian star.

But back to the title, what does Harry Maguire have to do with everything that happens to Onana? This is what the English Yalla Shoot website report explains as follows:

Easy victim

It was just a friendly match in the pre-season against Borussia Dortmund, and the German team succeeded in scoring from a common mistake by the Red Devils’ defensive line.

Onana did not deal with the matter normally like any goal. Rather, he targeted the “easy victim” or “the laughingstock of Manchester United,” Harry Maguire, to get angry and shout at him in an attempt to prove something to the Manchester fans, which is the fake grinta that some people use to impress everyone.

Unfortunately for the Cameroonian, people were not impressed by this movement. Rather, there was an enormous state of sympathy towards Maguire, who suffered a lot during his time in Manchester, and he did not need to be dealt with in this exaggerated, harsh manner by Onana.

The question here is: Could Onana have done the same thing with any other player, such as Varane, Bruno Fernandes, or Casemiro, even if they made catastrophic mistakes? The answer is definitely no, because the Manchester fans were the first to stand up to him and attack him to defend any of them!

The former Inter goalkeeper, before he made this strange move, expected that it would be acceptable because none of his team’s fans sympathized with Maguire, in addition to the fact that the English defender was about to leave for West Ham, but he stayed for a reason that no one knew about!

How are you now, Onana?

“Karma” is an ethical concept in some beliefs that refers to the principle of causality, meaning that individual intentions and actions affect the individual’s future. Good work contributes to creating good karma and vice versa, and this is exactly what happened with Onana.

The Cameroonian goalkeeper wanted to exploit his colleague’s crisis and collapse to impress everyone with his leadership personality, turning from one of the best goalkeepers in the world into one of the worst ever.

Pep Guardiola was one of the most prominent people who drew the entire world and perhaps Erik Ten Hag himself towards Onana when he praised him before the Champions League final, when he highlighted his prominent role in building attacks and helping Inter win the ball, in addition to his remarkable brilliance in terms of saves in the Italian League and various… Contests.

But at Manchester United we are watching a completely different version, a version that conceded 7 goals at one time out of 10 shots on goal with a save rate of only 30%, which means that if you shoot anything at Onana, it will go into the goal, even if it is Maguire himself!

What is happening to the Red Devils goalkeeper is a double lesson for both parties. The first lesson is directed at the player himself not to exploit his teammate’s crises to impress and show off his muscles, and the second is for Manchester to study the deals he makes before spending huge sums of money.

Onana is a creative goalkeeper in terms of constructing the game, which he currently maintains despite his poor level of saves, but let us forget modern football a little and go back to the constants. The goalkeeper’s main job is to make saves and saves only, anything else is just luxuries, just like a striker who does everything. He wastes hundreds of opportunities, and another striker like Erling Haaland may only touch the ball 4 times, scoring 4 goals!

Therefore, any attempt to defend Onana and justify what is happening with the perfect passes he makes is just absurdity and misleading, and a justification for a deal that may not have been well studied before making it.

Aside from all that, it is wonderful that Maguire did not leave for West Ham and continued in Manchester, until he went to Onana in training after the recent Bayern Munich disaster and looked him in the eyes well and said to him, “How are you, the club’s new laughing stock?”!