The most eligible teams to take penalties in the Champions League

Spanish club Real Madrid secured two penalties during their 5-1 win over Celtic Scotland in the sixth round of the Champions League group stage 2022-23, reinforcing the Royal Club’s status as the most awarded penalties in the history of the tournament.

Real Madrid excelled in the Champions League, of course, because they are the most participating clubs in the tournament, and they also have a set of incredible records set in their name, most notably winning the title 14 times.

Real Madrid are the most contested in the Champions League, the most won, drawn and beaten, the most targeted, all of which is of course self-evident, especially since the Royal Club has participated in the tournament 48 times since its inception.

Apart from Real Madrid’s Champions League records, and returning to the tournament’s penalty record, the Royal Club moved further away from their direct rivals, Barcelona and Bayern Munich, to continue their solitary figures.

In the following lines, you will find out about the list of the most awarded clubs in the Champions League, according to Spanish statistician Mr. Chip:

1-Real Madrid
Real tweeted solo at the top, with the royal club earning 58 penalties in 470 games played in the history of their participation in the Champions League.

2-Bayern Munich
Bayern Munich is the second most contested club in Champions League history, with 378 games, during which they were awarded 53 penalties

Barcelona is one of the great powers in the history of the Champions League, perhaps the generation of Lionel Messi and his comrades have played a big part in that, the Catalan club has earned 53 penalties in the history of their participation in the Champions League

England’s Chelsea became one of the traditional Champions League powers starting in the 21st century, and their presence on this list may make sense, having also been awarded a penalty 34 such as Manchester United.

5-Manchester United
Although absent from the current Champions League edition, Manchester United are considered to be one of the most successful English clubs in the tournament, and during their previous participation in the tournament they were awarded 34 penalties.

Portuguese Porto is one of the most notable surprises on this list, earning 33 penalties during their Champions League participation

The Italian Juventus have a remarkable record in the Champions League, despite achieving the title only twice, and during their participation in the tournament, the Bianconeri earned 31 penalties.

The English Gunners are among the most awarded penalties in Champions League history, having been awarded 30 penalties on the date of their participation in the tournament.