Does Levandowski influence Barcelona’s ranking?

We cannot erase all the striker Lewandowski’s goals from Barcelona’s total to see their status in the table, but we can imagine where the Blaugrana are without the decisive goals.

If we give up the decisive goal in Barcelona’s clash against Valencia, and the winning goal against Real Mallorca, Barcelona will lose 4 points, making their points drop from 31 to 27.

Thus Barcelona will not be harmed in terms of their place in the table, where they remain second, ahead of 23-point Atletico Madrid, but of course they will be negatively affected in the competition race with 32-point Real Madrid.

Despite Barcelona’s poor form in the Champions League and relegation to Europa League competition, the Catalan club continue to shine in the Liga.

Barcelona so far, are second with 31 points behind leaders Real Madrid, who have 32 points.

Barcelona’s domestic season can be described as the star “Robert Lewandowski” season, who contributed 13 goals in the league championship, which makes us show you the Blaugrana standings if the Polish does not score those goals, and we try to see how those contributions affect the Catalan club’s status in the competition.

Valencia and the knockout
The result, against the bat, indicated that the game ended in a goalless draw and Barcelona moved further away from competition after losing to Real Madrid in El Clasico in the ninth round.

But Lewandowski saved Barcelona from going into doubt, by scoring the goal of guaranteeing points for the meeting in the third minute of injury time.

Opener v Villarreal
The Barcelona side triumphed over Villarreal by 3-0, in a match in which the Polish star starred and had the password at the opening of the scoring.

Lewandowski scored the Blaugrana’s first and second goal in the 31st and 35th minutes, and quickly frustrated the subs’ start, securing the meeting for Barcelona.

Winner against Majorca
Barcelona appeared very modest against Real Mallorca in the clash that ended with the Blaugrana winning 1-0, in the seventh round.

The Catalans did not threaten the hosts’ goal with many chances, and Stegen conceded more than one dangerous opportunity that he successfully dealt with, while Lewandowski saved Barcelona from a tie trap by scoring the winning goal in the 20th minute with an individual effort.

Brilliance against Elche
Barcelona entered the season in a good way, and by the time the team reached the sixth round confidence was increasing and technical conditions were improving.

Today Lewandowski scored twice in the Elche clash, which ended with the Catalan club’s 3-0 victory, including the opening goal, which contributed to the Blaugrana gaining the points of the meeting.

Opening and Insurance
Lewandowski played against Real Sociedad in the second round of the league championship, scoring his first official goal for the Blaugrana in the first minute in impressive fashion.

The hosts came back on the score, and thanks to coach Xavi’s changes in the second half, the Blaugrana scored the second goal, then Robert added the third and within the match points.