Atletico Madrid’ plan is clear: Simeone until 2026

The elimination of Atlético from the Champions League does not change the plan. The Rojiblanco plan to extend Cholo’s contract two more years. The current one expires in 2024.

The elimination of Atletico from the Champions League does not change the plan of The Rojiblanco’ leaders. The club confidence in Diego Simeone remains full. In fact, they already plan to extend the contract of Cholo until 2026. The current one still ends on June 30, 2024, the idea of renewal for the current contract also began to take place a year and a half before the end of the previous contract, and became official on July 8, 2021. So the board are taking  the same approach. The club will try to close the renewal of Cholo for a duration of two more seasons, as a sign of support and confidence.

Although some in the Rojiblanco environment have long considered that the club should change coaches, but within the board there is no doubt that Simeone is the “best technician they can have” and they remain firm in their position. The Argentinian is the most important piece of the project. Statistics support this claim. Since Cholo signed with Atlético on December 23, 2011, replacing Gregorio Manzano, the club has achieved eight titles (two Leagues, two Europa League, two European Super Cups, a Copa del Rey and a Spanish Super Cup) And he has become the most successful coach in club history. In addition, he has reached and lost two Champions League finals, making this continental competition his only remaining achievement in the club.

Joao Félix’s situation is a stone in Simeone’s shoe, but that conflict with the most expensive player in the club’s history has not caused Simeone to lose the trust of his bosses either. They can more or less agree with his management of the matter, but nobody questions him and they all support his decisions to the point that the Portuguese striker could leave the Metropolitan next January, as he wishes.

Without doubt, he is the best club coach of the last decade, as designated by the International Federation of Football History and Statistics (IFFHS), will have a new contract, within a few months, continuing to expand his record in Atletico, at least, until 2026. And from a very close people to him, according to Spanish outlet, AS, they say that it does not seem that he will reject the proposal, since he still has a goal to fulfill in Atletico: “He does not want to leave Atleti until he wins a Champions League”. He does not hide it either and made it clear at the press conference following the game last Wednesday against Bayer Leverkusen: “I have no doubt that the Champions League has cost me, seeing as we lost one final on penalties and another in the 93rd minute, but I am very stubborn and I will continue insisting as long as I have the chance to be in this club to get the Champions League (tittle) that the club is missing”.

So much would have to break the negotiations between Atletico and Natalia Simeone (his sister and agent) so that there will be more of “Cholo” in Atletico for a while.