Reason to postpone Arsenal vs Man City for Indefinite Term

The Premier League agreed with UEFA to postpone Arsenal’s Premier League clash with Manchester City, originally scheduled to be played on 19 October, to allow for a rearrangement of Arsenal’s Europa League match against Eindhoven.

“Arsenal v Eindhoven, originally scheduled to play on Thursday, September 15, will now take place on Thursday, October 20, 18:00.

“A new date for Arsenal’s match against Manchester City will be announced in due course.

Why Arsenal vs Man City has been postponed and when the Premier League can rearrange it.

Pep Guardiola and his star-studded team were due to play Arsenal in this run of the Premier League, but the game was postponed.

Nine games will be played midweek in the Premier League, but there is one blatant omission from today’s schedule after Arsenal vs Manchester City was postponed.

After securing their fourth title in five seasons, City could have expected long-term rivals Liverpool to represent the greatest danger to their title again. However, while the Reds beat Pep Guardiola and his team at Anfield on Sunday afternoon, there appears to be another potential contender in the city.

Arsenal – led by former City boss Mikel Arteta – have secured 27 points from the 30 possible points so far this season and currently sit top.

Due to the collision in a salivating encounter over the coming days, City and the Gunners will instead have to wait for that match from the season’s contender.

Queen Elizabeth’s death caused English league fixtures to stop

Following the Queen’s death last month, the next round of the Premier League was cancelled while this global event also affected Arsenal in their ongoing pursuit of the Europa League. In fact, their match against PSV was cancelled and had to be accommodated, as a priority, due to UEFA regulations.

Arsenal risked losing points when fears were forced to postpone the original date, 15 September, provided they could not reschedule the game in time. But while the Gunners looked at and suggested other options – such as reversing their away game with PSV – this was ultimately not possible.

After talks with the Premier League and the European Commission, a new date has been set, 20 October, which means that the domestic clash against City must return. Nine more games will be played throughout the division where Guardiola’s men are given some rest time.

Now this is where potential complications arise. The revised date is due to be confirmed by the Premier League, but clubs will soon put their domestic players aside as players head to next month’s World Cup, ahead of the resumption of top-flight matches on Boxing Day.

Arsenal – led by former City boss Mikel Arteta – have secured 27 points from the 30 possible points so far this season and currently sit top. City sits four points away.