Napoli top Serie A

Napoli took advantage of Atalanta’s 2-2 fumble in Udinese, and managed to position themselves solely in the top position of the league following a 4-1 win over Cremonese in a GW 9 of Serie A.

Although Napoli were facing a struggling team in the 19th position, coach Luciano Spalletti’s men found it hard against their hosts, with the score held to a 1-1 draw in the last 15 minutes, but the Italian tactical subs led the team to a big victory by scoring 3 more goals, leading the visitors to a 4-1 win and raising their points tally to 23 points.

The partenopi having a strong season, with Attalanta (21 points) the only two unbeaten teams from Serie A.

Napoli won the last 5 games, and the team have the strongest attack in the league by scoring 22 goals.